Lost Angel
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20 Julho 2018 às 18:14
9 Janeiro 2014
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31 Dezembro 1982 (Idade: 35)

Lost Angel

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    1. Allejo Baiano
      Allejo Baiano
      Ainda tem o jogo valkyrie profile com traducao acoplada?
    2. AlefKSilver
      O que falar desse anjo que mal conheço e já considero pakas?
      1. The O e Lost Angel curtiram isto.
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    31 Dezembro 1982 (Idade: 35)



    Richter Belmont
    : Die monster! You don't belong in this world!
    Dracula: It was not by my hand that I am once again given flesh. I was called here by humans who wish to pay me tribute.
    Richter Belmont: Tribute!?! You steal men's souls and make them your slaves!
    Dracula: Perhaps the same could be said of all religions...
    Richter Belmont: Your words are as empty as your soul! Mankind ill needs a savior such as you!
    Dracula: What is a man? A miserable little pile of secrets! But enough talk... Have at you!
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