O que há de Novo?
  • Anunciando os planos GOLD no Fórum Outer Space
    Visitante, agora você pode ajudar o Fórum Outer Space e receber alguns recursos exclusivos, incluindo navegação sem anúncios e dois temas exclusivos. Veja os detalhes aqui.

Qual música vocês estão ouvindo agora?


A Good Night, The Best In A Long Time

A New Friend Turned Me On To An Old Favorite

Nothing Better than A Dealer Who's High

Be High, Concince Them To Buy

What's My Drug Of Choice?

Well, What Have You Got?

I Don't Go Broke

And I Do It Alot

Seems So Sick To The Hypocrite Norm

Running Their Boring Drills

But We Are An Elite Race Of Our Own

The Stoners, Junkies, And Freaks

Are You Happy? I Am, Man

Content And Fully Aware

Money, Status, Nothing To Me

'Cause Your Life Is Empty And Bare

You Can't Understand A User's Mind

But Try, With Your Books And Degrees

If You Let Yourself Go And Open Your Mind

I'll Bet You'd Be Doing Like Me

And It Ain't So Bad

Say, I Do It Alot!

Say, I Do It Alot!

Say, I Do It Alot!

Say, I Do It Alot!